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Improving Oral Health Globally

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Dental Era

The Official Distributor of Ultradent Products, INC. in Saudi Arabia

Dental Era is the Official Distributor of Ultradent Products Inc., which is considered to have the best dental products in the world and almost all of its products earn International Dental awards every year.
Dental Era Vision is to improve the services of Dental Supply to our customers & to create better dental solutions for the Dentists & Dental Hygienists in Saudi Arabia, As well as to make People more smiley, more healthy and enjoy their life.
Dental Era Mission is to supply the Dental Saudi Market with the best products & Innovations such as Ultradent Products, INC. in the world throughout our distribution channels.


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Dental Era Riyadh
Tel : +966 538027897
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Dental Era Jeddah
Tel : +966 12 691 0917
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Dental Era Qassium
Tel : +966 544764837
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FMC khobar
Tel : +966 13 881 0247
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Dental Era Al Madina & Tabuk
Tel : +966 542859080


We are bringing the best Dental products in the world home.

Improving Oral Health Globally